Minimap (2D SceneCaptureComponent) not rendering when game is packaged

Hi all,

I created a little minimap on a UI widget using a camera and a rendertarget. If I run the game in the editor everything works as expected.

This morning I packaged the game (Windows) and ran it and the minimap doesn’t appear at all.

The basic setup is along these lines;

  • Created First Person Template project
  • Created a RenderTarget (default settings)
  • Added a 2D Scene Capture component to the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint, positioned above the player
  • Set the 2D Scene Capture component’s “Texture Target” to be the RenderTarget
  • Right-clicked on the RenderTarget and created a material
  • Added an Image UI component to the UI widget and set the Brush’s Image property to the material
  • Added the UI widget to the viewport

I should add, the UI widget has many other items also and they are all displayed correctly, so not an issue with the widget itself.

The MiniMap appears correctly when running the game in the editor, but when packaged, it just doesn’t appear, the image “might” be there, but utterly transparent.

Can anyone think of a reason why this would be? Have I missed something?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Kind regards,


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So this was fairly tragic… not sooner than I had posted my question I went through the steps I’d outlined above and saw an error in my material.

Gotta love how this didn’t get reported in the compile/build process to give me a heads-up… sigh…

In case anyone else has the exact problem…

When I had right-clicked and created the material, I had set the Material Domain to User Interface, but what I also needed to do was set the Texture Sample node to use Linear Color instead of it’s default, Color, for its Sampler Type.


Once I had changed this the error was removed, I clicked Apply, Save and then re-packaged the project. It all worked as expect at that point.

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Thanks a lot for the solve. I was stuck here. It’s strange compiler doesnt give an error for this.

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Hehe, no worries, im glad my past pain can be of present help. :slight_smile: