Minimalistic Minimap

Hey guys,

Here is my first marketplace asset :slight_smile:
Minimalistic Minimap](
Supported versions: 4.25

This minimap is created fully in blueprints and is easy to start with and easy to customize. To get started simple add **MinimapCameraComponent **to your Pawn and **MinimapActorComponent **for the actors you like to show on the minimap. For more tuning you can modify the SceneCaptureComponent2D from **MinimapCameraBP **however you like.
Technical Details


  • Custom Minimap Icons Material, Scale & Rotation
  • Minimap Transparancy & Zoom
  • Minimap Hide/Show Actor
  • Top view, side view, any view
  • Show Icon always on Minimap (only in orthographic mode and radial)
  • SceneCaptureComponent ShowOnlyList setting will display only the minimap icons
  • Works in multiplayer without additional settings
  • Easy to customize