Minimalist Lower Thirds - UMG Widgets Package

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10 different lower third UMG Widgets for Unreal Engine 4.18 and above. Demo grid and a demo scene are included. You can easily change widgets’ colors by material instance. Texts and logos are also changeable and bindable.

Widgets are created and animated by native UMG tools and they can be also customizable with basic UMG knowledge.

Minimalist Lower Thirds package is planned to be updated with new widgets.

Suggestions are welcome.
Thanks for your time.

Interesting asset. I like the effects. What can we expect in the upcoming packages? Are all packages going to be about UMG?

One thing that keeps distracting me though are the effects that split the widget into two or more disconnected pieces. The effects in the second row of your gif, to be precise. I don’t know if it’s just me, but in terms of disrupting the visual harmony, they really let it show. But I had to take a closer look in order to realize that those effects were the reason that something felt off

Very nice! I’ve been waiting for something like this! :slight_smile:

Yes. Lower Thirds series will be UMG widgets like this one. Every package will have their own style for different usage scenarios.

Minimalist Lower Thirds was released! Click here to visit the marketplace page.

4.19 compatible now.