Minigolf physics acting weirdly

Hi, I’m working on minigolf game right now and I’m trying to make the physics as realistic as possible. I’ve created some physical materials, applied them to my StaticMesh (which was created from Box brush and Sphere brush with Substraction) and to boundary meshes that I’ve created in C4D and I made physical material for the ball which is 47 mm in diameter and weights around 45 grams. If you look on the video the ball sometimes seems like its spinning and sometimes even jumps into air for no reason (after shooting). This is driving me crazy as I can’t make the physics correctly.

I’m not sure if I should somehow disable the rotation of ball on some axis or I should change the physical material.

If you are applying an impulse to move it make sure you are not applying it to the bottom of the ball - if you are you would be adding back spin.

Well this is how I add impulse, the Addable force is calculated from mouse movement and I don’t really chose where the impulse should be applied. But as I think of this right now, maybe it would be fine to just rotate the ball before adding the impulse and add it only onto X axis? I’m not sure :confused:

EDIT: Well so I’ve set rotation to direction i want the ball to go to. I’ve applied the impulse only on the X axis and the ball moves forward as I want but still has that stupid spin which causes the ball to turn unexpectedly.

EDIT2: Could this be because of the mesh that is the ball rolling on ? I tried one mesh that I’ve stretched and the ball is acting all weird as hell. Does simulating physics have something to do with the collisions? Or UV mapping somehow?

This is whats happening:

I’ve found my problem, when I’ve imported the ball mesh I didn’t uncheck the Autogenerate collisions, so the collision wasn’t perfect sphere.

Aha, yeah good find