Minigolf hole collisions

Hi, I’ve asked this on Answers but nobody seem to answer so I will ask here.

How am I supposed to create a hole collisions? I’ve created a static mesh in C4D and added into Unreal and autogenerated the collisions. Autogenerated collisions ignore the hole completely. I can NOT create collisions by simple box collisions or anything like that. So I’ve tried to use the complex collision and everything works great but other simple collisions completely stopped working. It seems like while the ball is touching surface with complex collisions, it ignores those simple collisions on other objects. I’ve also tried to create collisions in C4D with UCX collision. That didnt work either, it ended up being a triangle instead of circle hole (even tho the model of collision was correct in C4D)

So if anyone knows how to make this work, it would be much appreciated, it stopped my game developing completely. :slight_smile:

I’m not an expert in collisions but I would have thought creating your collision volumes in your 3D package would work fine. Why does it become triangular? Maybe show some screenshots of your collisions created in C4D. As far as my experience with collision volumes goes, they need to be six sided cubes. Anything more than that causes UE4 to almost combine them in to a simpler shape.

Ok, here is my collision mesh… the UCX is created only for showing purpose, to show how unreal imports the collisions…


Here’s a quick and easy solution, model a cylinder with a bunch of separate cubes.

Collision models are always composed of convex shapes.
So in order to get a hole into something you have to create the shapes arround it.

The shapes themself can be more then 6 sided cubes or even less e.g. tetrahedral, unless you use UBX prefix then it has to be a box shape.
Ofc. it’s sometimes hard to determin a slight inwards dent that makes a shape concave.
A simple change in triangulation of a quad can cause it to be either concave or convex if the quad is not absolute flat.