Minigolf hole collision

Hi, I’m creating a minigolf game and I’ve encountered few problems on my journey and I’ve found solutions or I’ve been able to fix them somehow but this one bothers me the most. How can I create static mesh (plane with hole in it) and make the collision around the hole so the ball can “spin” around it when you hit the hole wrong way. I’ve created a static mesh in C4D and set collision complex preset to Use complex as simple. But the ball started going trough some objects, like there isn’t any collision. When I turn the collision complexity to Project Default then the ball is reacting properly with other objects but the hole doesn’t work anymore.

If a video is needed to explain a bit better then let me know.

Hi, I’ve read the link you sent before, but I’m not sure which way to approach this. Simple collision is pointless I need circle hole with at least 20 vertices to make it look like its rounded. As I’ve stated before I also tried to use Complex collisions as simple but that doesn’t work very well since other object collision is ignored. I would go and model the collision in C4D but I’ve tried that too, but Unreal didn’t represent collision the same way I modeled it in C4D. So I’m kinda lost. I thought about using Box Brush with subtraction of cylinder but that makes the box brush use Complex collisions and those don’t work properly as I’ve said before.

So if anyone knows what I should do. Maybe if someone wants to look into my FBX model where is the collision mesh then I will share it.

Still not solved, AZTECCO’s answer is not a solution. Still can’t figure this out.