Minigolf Game: Rotation slows ball on bounce

Hello there!

I spend almost an hour looking for a solution. I build a little Minigolf Game (My first one), and everything works so far.
Now, when I hit the ball and it bounces off it, it gets a rotation (which is realistic and fine), but slows the ball off. So it’s simply possible, to smash it to the wall behind the hole and the roation stops it pretty immediately. I would love a more simple mechanic, where it just bounce off the wall with a little less speed due to the impact, but the rotation should not impact that hard. A little bit like this example: Let's Play - 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2 - Part 1 - YouTube

I already used a static mesh around my Ball with no physics turned on as suggested in one post but that didnt helped at all.

Do you have any Tipps for me how to solve this?


i would have thought physics would have been the way to go. if i were you and you plan to not use physics then i would look into using event hit and impact normal, then use that data to calculate the angle of reflection and base your rotation on that. this will require some vector math and trig.