Mini Map tranform without moving map

SUBJECT: Mini Map stationary with moving throbber…

I followed the instructions on how to create a mini map with the additional blueprints to add rotation. It works great!

However, I do not want the map (scenecapture2d) to translate with my character. Is there a way to keep the sceneCapture2d stationary but still have the throbber move with the character?

If i remove or disable the setActorLocation components in the MiniCam BP, then the map is stationary but so is the throbber. I then added a getBrush to the throbber and added BP to get the rotation and translation from the player pawn. The rotation of the throbber works but the translation is offset by a large amount and moves the wrong direction when the character walks. Its driving me nutty.

Anyone know what I need to adjust in this BP in order for the throbber to follow the character but not move the widget map? Essentially overall mini map stays still (static) while throbber moves with character within the mini map.