Mini-Graph & Data Capturing Plugin for UE4

Graph Editor Integration + Standalone Data Capturing


  • The Mini-Graph is the new Editor Integration to capture any values with just a few clicks

  • The Data-Tracker is now the Mini-Graph


  • Editor Integration
    Collect and plot any signal with a simple mouse-click
  • 3D/VR Displays
  • Blueprint /or C++
  • Statistics
  • Data Export (csv)
  • High-performance
  • Well commented

Download Example:
Capturing Velocity of Objects in Race Level
Example Map: Download (52 MB)

Introduction Video:



Step 1: Install the plugin (from the marketplace or copy the plugin folder into the project folder). Activate the Plugin from the Editor Plugins Console.

Step 2a: Mini-Graph Editor Integration** A new Editor Widget will appear to bring up the Mini-Graph window. Right-Clicking an Object will expose its variables to add for tracking.

**Step 2b: ** Collect Data in Blueprint by sending variables into an UpdateDataset Node. If the data set does not exist, a new one is created under the given name.

Create or update new Data-Set:

Step3: Save and Load Data-Sets if desired, using the Mini-Graph interface or Blueprint (See the DataTracker_Showcase Actor for the available functions).

Load/Save Data:

Step 4: In-Game Displays Go to the Widgets (WBP) and the 3D VR-Ready Widgets (BP) event graphs to bind the signals you want to display and set widget preferences (f.i. resolution). By giving the ‘name’ of a data set, the widgets will start to display the corresponding samples.

Advanced Statistics:


  • SampleID
  • Sample Value
  • TotalN of Samples
  • AbsoluteTimestamp
  • RecordingTimestamp


  • for any kind of dichotome/categorial input
  • Samples A, B
  • Probability/Chance A, B

Mean and Standard Deviation:

  • description of a normal distribution (central tendency and variance)
  • Mean = central tendency of the sample set (average of all samples)
  • Variance = average of the squared distance between each value in a distribution and the mean of all samples
  • StandardDeviation (SD) = square root of the variance (always ~68% of all samples fall within ± 1 SD of the mean)
  • StandardErrorofMean (SEM) = Precision of the estimation of the true population mean from the sample set (a range within which the true value of a parameter probably lies)
  • 95-% ConfidenceInterval (CI) = Precision of the estimation of the true population mean from the sample set (calculated with SE).


  • for a more stable statistical value of the central tendency of a distribution
  • Median
  • Min/Max


  • the linear change-over-time
  • y-offset (a)
  • Slope (b) of the linear regression
  • Correlation Coefficient (r) = standardized slope (beta) = regression weight
  • Determination Coefficient (r²)

Interactive Displays:

Statistics Display:

  • Shows basic descriptive Statistics in a table

Graph Display:

  • Signal Display
    – Shows the Signals
    – Regression/Trend Lines
  • Distribution Display
    – Histogram with all samples (normalized for each sample set)
    – Normal Distribution (an approximation of a normal gauss curve on the sample set)
    – Median
    – Standardized Regression Slope / Standardized Trendline

Platform: Win64 // UE 4.13+

Contact: Thauros-Development ✧@✧

Today is our official release! If you experience any bugs please PM us!
Happy experimenting!

Good evening, I recently downloaded DataTracker from the EPIC Games store.

I would like to use your plugin in UE4.16, but the sample project opens with errors …
Where can I find the DataTracker_Showcase Actor for see the available functions?
How can I unload data from a UE into a csv file? I need an example
Help me please.

I am also trying to load up your example project in 4.17 along with the BCI plugin but neither seems to run so well even though you have it listed as compatible in the marketplace with 4.17

the example-project is now updated for UE4.17 and should work without errors.

The DataTracker_ShowcaseActor is found inside the plugin-folder in the content-browser. Make sure to set Plugin-Content as visible.
Here is also an example of saving and loading data which happens in csv.-format naturally.

[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Bumping for the new Mini-Graph - God HUD - an integration for the Unreal Editor to visualize any variable in real-time!

love the gif but what??

It might be one of the forums update shenanigans. Some images / links got jumbled a bit.