Mini Dump

Hallo everybody,

During merging components is RC crashing and poping out this message(attached)
I was reading in forum similar discussion and i figured out that the reason is that some pictures have the same names (camera is always making pictures until 999 and then starts from zero again) .

Any idea how i can easlily rename the pictures and then reload them in RC? I have alredy set up some control points and made some prealignment and i wouldnt like to start the process form zero again…

And one more question which maybe doesnt belong here, but… how to manage to dont get the same names set up by camera while shooting pictures?

Thanks a lot

Hallo again,

so a managed to reduce 10 warning windows to two :slight_smile: quite successful but stil not enough.
I renamed all the pictures manually (arround 400) and the one by one i replaced them in RC.

but onw im not sure how i can solve the rest. Any idea?


Hi Tomas B

Image names are not a problem until you start redirect their location. Can take a look on your data with help of TeamViewer so can say what and how it can be solved. Please contact me on my email.