Minecraft styled game ( with a God of War twist ) I NEED OF TALENTED DEVELOPERS !


I have always wanted a game based on minecraft but with a twist of a God of War game , now that its possible I need help . I need coders , Visual artists , Animators , Modelers , Texturers ( Make the textures for blocks/Creatures/others… ) , Riggers , Testers ( need a really powerful pc that handles HIGH settings at HIGH frame rate ) and the last thing will be VOICE ACTING ( English ) and I will be doing subtitles , animating , a bit of modelling and texturing + voice acting ( Voice acting one character but not the main one … )

To start we need Modelers , Riggers , Texturers and visual artists …
To join please send me a private message or an email :
Application Style :
Pick a job section ( Animator , modeler , etc… ) :
(OPTIONAL) send me some links to your projects ( you may have a bigger chance of getting in … ) :

And thats all ! Happy Halloween ( it depends on what day you read this )

Sent in a message.

I’m confused, didn’t you post this same game in the Unity forums as well?

Which engine are you using to build the game? You might want to include that information as I think the process flow for art assets is different between the two engines so you might get people taken by surprise if they ask to join your project and find themselves using a totally different engine to what they expected. You’re also looking for coders, and programming in Unity is completely different to UE4 (different language, no blueprints etc), so you might struggle to find the right people here.

Lol this is a joke.