Minecraft Map (How?)

Hello everybody! I’ve been member for a while but each time I have some time I like to play a while with Unreal… so, here is my question…
I recently read the new Minecraft Dungeons has been made with Unreal, which sounds amazing! So, going in the same direction to sanbox a little and play with destructables box, I made a BP for each cube, which is has some variables to I can set material, “life” which means how much do I need to hit it to break it, and it is breakable or not…
So I started placing it in my map, the first problem I found was, that when I see a lot of them (2304 boxes) the FPS went down aggresively… I solved this with static Mobility, after playing around with the GPU profile I saw that most of the time was spended in Shadow Depth, so it pointed me in the right direction, now I have a static 120fps with same quantity…
The thing is, 2304 is still very little for a entire map of boxes… and when I start cloning them (selecting all of them to make it faster) it start to lag a lot…
My question is, am I doing this right? Should I approach a procedural building algorithm to make maps like minecraft did with the java version?

Thank you!!

The Thing is, that Minecraft and MC: Dungeons are not using Boxes for Mapping.
They Use Voxels.

Means, if you see a single Cube floating in a Level in Minecraft, it won’t render all 6 sides of it. It only creates and renders the 3 visible ones (from a single camera, you will always see a max of 3 sides).

More… The Map is not a single Map. It is divided into, so called, Chunks.
In Minecraft, each chunk has a specific amount of Tiles in X, Y, Z (f. e. 64x64x64).

As second, those “Cubes” are not single objects. Each “Cube” is connected to the next. Means, EACH chunk is a single Voxel Mesh object.

In Fact, doing such a Project with Single Cube Objects could be possible with better mesh clustering, where using of millions of Polygons and UV Textures is no problem (UE5?), but Voxels are recommended here.

Thanks for the input!!