Mine Complex

I would like to introduce my Mine Complex pack, it is a modular indoor and outdoor environment slightly inspired :cool: by a level in the game called “The Order 1886” a wonderfull looking game on the PS4. The scene is made completely by modular pieces and Blueprint Actor “containers”, which you can bascially drop in the scene to build a quick tunnel structure.

The whole scene is running with POM and Volumetric lighting in around 55 to 65 FPS in 4K on Nvidia GTX 1080.

Sorry for the slightly dark pictures and video, it was intended to build this very early morning muddy, cloudy kinda rainy weather, however the scene got a bit to dark which is mainly the fault of my monitor. On my monitor it looks like i want, however on different monitors it looks kinda to dark, thats what im getting as feedback so far.

You can find all the details on my markeplace page… Texture Size… Meshes etc… Feel free to ask me everything about this pack. Is there something you dont like ? Is there a issue ? Suggestions ? Just send me a mail or post it here and i will try to come back to you as quicly as possible.

Marketplace Link:…x-with-tunnels

Important Tips:

My scene is using a POM with silhouette shader, the performance impact is not really much and absolutely worth it in my opinion. When using the POM Shader pleas keep in mind you have to TURN OFF “CAST SHADOWS” on the mesh you are using the pom shader on, for example on the ground.When dropping a blueprint actor in your scene to build a tunnel system, please also “DEACTIVATE” the grounds mesh “CAST SHADOW” box in the blueprint container. All meshes that are using the POM with silhouette shader, need to have cast shadows deactivated, that means that the mesh will still receive shadows however it will no cast shadows on a different mesh. Which is for a ground texture not really a thing you need. For now, it is not possible to use the POM with silhouette shader on your landscape, simply because you cant turn of cast shadows on your landscape mesh.

Future Updates
The Mine Complex pack will receive most likely some updates, like a crane i had in work. That depends however on how well the pack will be received by the buyers, Feel free to give me some ideas on what is missing in the scene and what could enrich the scene.

YouTube 4K Clip

Had a look on the MP about your submission. The uploaded images are quite dark. However, I think this is an amazing and wonderful asset pack. Let me know how you get along with the sales, I personally think as a fellow Unreal seller that your asking price might be a bit too high. Lower your price a bit and you might reach a more wider customer base around the world.

hey CBISWAS, thanks for your feedbaclk! Can’t say a lot about the sales so far, its up for only like 2 or 3 days i think. Yeah the price thing, it’s a taff topic… I think buyers need to understand that it takes a mass of work to put something like this together, however i really tried to make the price as much as i can comfortable. I saw you’re selling yourself on the marketplace ? The thing is, after EPICs cut which is absolutely fair… you have also all the taxes depending on your country, all the software is not for free, buying or creating materials/texture library etc… after all the costs it’s not like there is a ton of money left, sadly… if you understand my point.

Yeah, I am based in the UK where the taxes are quite high unfortunately. I am new to the MP with only one product for sale so I am still learning about the whole pricing situation. I personally think that being a seller on the MP is quite difficult, mostly because of the very long review and feedback time from EPIC, along with some very serious competition from other sellers.

After doing some research into the work of other creators, I have learned a few important pieces of information which i will share with you.

  1. Too many modular sci-fi corridors, now I am not sure if this is because of high demand for this kind of environment or if it’s something that the seller like to make.

  2. Too many medieval/victorian asset packs.

  3. Too many foliage asset packs.

  4. Too many indoor architectural visualizations.

Conclusion. These 4 ideas have to done too many times so avoid this theme of development. Now one theme I noticed was utterly lacking in the MP was steampunk and more abstract weird art like HR Giger. So maybe you can look into this? I personally think that we as sellers need to be more creative and think outside the box. Try to figure out what exactly is missing and exploit the gap in the marketplace.

Dazzle the viewers with something entirely new and unheard of. Maybe look into anime or manga based environments like Berserk?