MimMap problems as of 4.16


First problem
I’ve been using the r.MipMapLODBias cvar for a long time now to force mipmaps to draw closer/further on a global scale for preview reasons.
As of 4.16 the LOD Bias cvar seems to have no effect on -some- textures on a random basis.

I’ve checked the textures, they’re power of two and they all have the same settings, works fine in 4.15 and problem only appears to be from 4.16 forward.

Would appreciate some help.

r.MipMapLODBias 4, you see the LOD Bias doesn’t affect the grass texture.

Second problem
MipMaps look fuzzy as hell and the more you go towards the last mip level the more obvious the fuzziness becomes.
For someone with a good it would be easy to see the fuzziness on level 2-3 already.
Here’s how it looks on level 15. Keep in mind this is a still screenshot but in real time the surface is badly flickering.

Maybe this bug if you’re using shared:wrap or shared:clamp samplers: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-48341)
If not, no idea.

Ah that seems to be it. I can’t understand why such thing is backlogged…