Mimicking simulation camera movement in game

I’m looking to implement a game that has the following camera specifications:

  1. One camera is attached to a Pawn.
  2. A separate camera, which you can toggle between with a specific key, mimics the behaviour of the camera in the simulator.

I was wondering if there was some sort of Simulator Camera Component I could add to the game that could mimic the behaviour without having to reprogram it from scratch with my own mouse/keyboard input, as it seems it would take a lot of work to replicate.

How would I implement this? Can anyone point me in the direction of tutorials or resources that demonstrate how to achieve this?

Additionally, I’m not sure how to add two cameras to a single game which you can toggle between, I suppose it’ll be something like having two actors, one invisible, and simply setting the camera pose to one or the other when the keyboard input is received. But, if there are any resources on this, I would really appreciate hearing about them.


There is Spectator Pawn if you haven’t checked it yet. It floats with w,a,s,d by default but you can implement your own input with Add Movement Input function.

And Set View Target with Blend function lets you switch between two cameras(or actors; it uses the actors camera if there is one, otherwise places the camera at the root of the actor) You’ll probably need to disable Auto Manage Active Camera in player controller BP if you choose to use spectator pawn and switch between two pawns with a smooth camera transition.