Mimic Unreal Engine 4's Shading In Blender

I’m modeling a lot of assets for the Unreal Engine 4.

But one problem I had was that I’ve never knew how the models would look like in the engine.
I’ve build every material twice, one in Blender and then I tried to recreate it in the Unreal Engine which could be a tedious undertaking especially if you use textures for the metallic or the roughness (which differs from the roughness in Blender).

So I’ve build this shader with the goal that it will look like the shading in the Unreal Engine, and that I could use the same values and textures.

In this video I start going over some of the shader models that are used in the Unreal Engine and point out some similarities. Then I show how to create it in Blender.

you can download the .blend here:

And of course this shader also works with the materials exported from the Substance programs.

Thanks for watching :smiley:

Super cool!

im using a similar node for myself that doesnt have a specular input:

Anyone tried mimicking the UE4 Opaque Shader with the new Blender Principled BSDF?

I’ve tried adapting Pandrodor setup with and without value correction nodes (see pic), but can’t get even close to UE4 look, anybody wants to team up for this goal?