Mimic the Vray's interior scene from 3ds max

I was in attemp to make the similar rendering environment with Vray to learn the characteristic of UE’s parameters. The pic belows is the comparison between Evermotion vol.8’s model scene and my work. My scene was baked in high quality (since I used laptop and it would cost a hell long time to bake in production quality), tweaked Baselightmass.ini regarding the rag3dviz’s sample. For Vray plane light, I used bounce card method. In my opinion, my work was quite acceptable but when compared to the original Vray scene, there’re something I want to achieve yet couldn’t reach.

  • The sharpness of shadow (can be seen in wall casted by the railing, sculptor, and wall lamp).
  • The light casted by the floor lamps to the adjacent walls through the semi-translucent material.
  • The reflections of the books and candles to the glass to table (I did use the metalic parameter but dont know why it didnt affect the reflections on glass table)
  • The light rays in ceiling (I used pointlights since they’re vray sphere lights in 3dsmax)
  • The cooler color tone of sofa’s material (I want to keep to same base color in diffuse)
  • The clarity of reflection on the metal material like chrome of mirror (in my work it looked blurry and grainy though I tried to increase the resolution, I know there’s a method with captured cube screen but it’s really expensive and ineffective for multiple reflective materials)
  • The vertical tilt and horizontal tilt in camera like VrayphysicalCam

So how can I achieve those things? And is there any other problems and advices you can suggest me to make it a better one? I really appreciate your feedbacks. I hope there’re not too many questions for just one post.
Thanks in advance.

indirect lighting quality 0.75 isn’t good. 1 is baseline. Try more if your pc can handle it!