Milliseconds timer

Hi, is there a method to start a timer looping every millisecond? I want this instead of the Tick event because I need to stop the timer, and the Tick event can’t be stopped.

Maybe you’re looking for the Delay node, or use a Timeline.

No, because I want to stop the Timer, and with the Delay node I can’t do it.

You are trying to do something like a bomb that can be defused?

No, I’m trying to do a Timer that can be paused for 1 second with a Pickup, but the problem is pausing the milliseconds, because the Event Tick can’t be paused.

Make updating the variable that sets the value of the timer pass through a check before the set to check if it’s paused or not before. And, on the pickup, set the variable to false with a delay of a second to turn it back to true.

If it sounds weird is because I can’t explain it much better xD

I believe the timeline stop function actually pauses the timeline at whatever position it is, thus why there are separate “Play” and “Play from start” pins.

It works. Thanks!