Military Optics Blueprints

Project Description:
A collection of Blueprint functions to enhance your current military optics assets.

Included in this package:

Range finder:
displays distance to target at cross-hair location. Metric measurements are used and are accurate in world space. All measurements are converted automatically ( 1100m will display as 1.1km and If result is Null will display " —". This is easily adjustable to suit project needs. Range Information is sent to a range finder Widget and can be easily set to any location in the HUD.

Laser Targeting Beam:
Custom Particle beam effect that can be easily attached to Weapons/weapon attachments and changed to any color. The beam draws from a start location to an end location and is aligned with the cross-hair location.

Thermal Optics system: (Post Processing effect w/ LUT, and Thermal Material)
a Toggle-able system to enable White Hot styled Thermal optics. Works perfect with scopes and Targeting screens for Military Vehicles based on a class system that you can easily add other actors such as Vehicles.

I’ve also included a basic Night Vision system (Post Processing effect and NV activation sound) as a bonus.


Hey this is pretty cool. What is your price point on this?

Interesting, any chance of a video?

+1 for video :slight_smile:

would like to see video of thermal… most implementations I have seen are not right… love to see what you have come up with.

The price point will be $5.99- $9.99 depending on what the approved package includes. I have a few additions i may still be adding to the pack.

I’ll try to make one over the next couple days.

The thermal system isnt anything complex. I was looking at how i could do it in blueprints without to much hassle. I was aiming for an arma like WHOT. I’ll have a flat white material included as well.