Military Cars

VR demo project (Oculus Rift ready) created by me and Andrew Tamara:

Pretty cool! How long did the frames take to render out?


Thanks! =)

For render 360 video frames we are using this plugin (available in UE4.11 and 4.12):!

Render time about 7 days - ~160 hours.

Yeah I am working on a arch viz through that same tut. Just looking for a better way to render these out where it wont take so long or tie up my computer so long. I am experimenting with leasing a virtual machine from amazon for rendering to see if that works.

I have no experience with virtual machine for render. Is it possible render on VM (without videocard)?

Thats what I should find out in about an hour. The amazon machine I set up has a 4 gig GPU, and it says I should have access to it. Also has 8 cores and 15 gig ram for the processing so we shall see.

By the way, here is the tut I followed. 4.12 would not work because of a direct x issue, but I got 4.11 working the other day.
Now that I have my project in 4.11 set up Ill be trying to render again now to see how it goes.

Thanks for the link. Need some experiments with cloud render.