Miles of thanks for blueprints!


Just wanted to share my appreciation and respect for what Epic has started, the way they handle things, its team, instructors and last but not least, the community it managed to build.
I’m in love with games: my first love was StarCraft back in '98, and in case anyone was wondering - yes, I did my fair share of frags by way of guided missile in the very first Unreal Tournament - t’was '99 or something, I was 14 back then. I’ve been dreaming of making my own games since I can remember - lots of ideas.
I have a PhD in Education on the intrinsic formative value of commercial video games - as you can tell, my psychology, sociology and other humanities/social sciences knowledge didn’t help much whenever I attempted to learn coding, so I always dropped it after realizing my mind is too stiff, and I’m simply too late to learn the required math and form the needed cognitive logical structures.
This is where blueprints comes up…I just wanna say thank you Epic. For us (non-programmers, and I’m probably not alone in this category) visual coding is like a wheelchair for a cripple or glasses for the myopic.

Congrats, keep changing the world this way!


And the most amazing thing is that you are constructing programs using the same principles as with a text based language. It is not ideal for everyone or everything, but it certainly seems to enable more people to get into programming.