Presently I’m using UE 4.12.5 and I’m considering migrating to 4.14.3.

Is it better to migrate from 4.12.5 to 4.13.2 before migrating to 4.14.3?
Will migrating from 4.12.5 to 4.14.3 miss things introduced or laying the groundwork for 4.14.3?

Thanks in advance

Hi Wranglerltg,

Long time no see. 4.14.3 should be backwards compatible with 4.12. However, Migrations can be tricky for Blueprints & Code > 1 version up. My First recommendation would be to backup everything, and migrate to 4.14.3. Or better yet, just wait for 4.15 release (which is currently in Preview).

Hello TechLord it has been a while, I hope you are well. Presently we have quite a bit of custom BPs and some custom coding. You better believe I’ll have at least three backups before I attempt a migration and I’ll will be migrating from a copy. I’m asking because I didn’t want to skip over a revision only to find out that the newest revision didn’t have a solid foundation as a result of that revision upgrade I chose to skip.

Better safe (and ask) than sorry.