migration to ue 5.1

Hi guys! During migration, the grid of coordinates gets lost. Do you know what should be pressed so as not to lose the previous data?

Hey there @mihas49! Are you talking about the viewport visual grid or the World partion minimap grid being missing after migration to UE5.1?

I’m talking about landscapes out of place. Levels appeared at great distances from each other.

maybe it’s because i have 2 types of levels?

Ahhhh! That makes more sense! I’ve been seeing an increase of posts about migration causing issues with the landscape streaming proxies being offset, missing textures, etc. It’s rare to see multiple landscape sizes here on the forums so this is a good time to gather some data. It seems almost certain that this is a migration bug up to 5.1.

A couple questions:

Have they just been shifted positionally, destroyed, or otherwise made invisible?

In your original project, and this one, could you compare the location details of the proxies that are shifted?

Let me tell you everything from the beginning:
Large chunks of levels have shifted relative to the rest before. For example when the project was rebuilt from bluprints to c_plus_plus versions. I was able to move them manually.
But at this time, the objects on the levels have shifted by a step distance. Equal to approximately the width of the level. And yes, it was just a shift increasing with progression.
Hope this helps!

Interesting! I’m spinning up a test scene now to try and replicate this so I can get a better handle on exactly how it happened. If it’s just a conversion issue I might be able to make a quick script to fix it for simple cases. If it’s something on the landscape code or the proxy itself however I may not be able to do much there!

I will wait for the results!

Sorry about the late response! I couldn’t replicate the issue even after a couple of days of trying. I got some visibility issues for one of my test maps, but after unloading and reloading them with WP it corrected itself.

I made 2 test scenes in 2 different versions. 4.27 and 5.03. Both were using landscape and water systems, one had 2 different landscape scales (like your scene) and the other was just water and an island.

I still believe this is a migration up to 5.1 bug, but I can’t replicate it at all. I’ll be keeping tabs on it, but in the meantime it’s a good idea to submit a bug report with as much information as possible!