Migration to custom builds from sources

Hi, everyone

We’re trying to migrate from FMOD to Wwise and since the second one can only integrate in custom builds from sources we’re having troubles with the whole process. We’re using Perforce and currently our project structure looks like this:

root project folder

Currently our main issue is that when we’re trying to rebuild project with custom pre-built editor VS2013 starts rebuild of the whole solution (including editor). Can anyone please advise the proper procedure for this so we’ll have only game project building with each code update, but not the engine itself?

In project settings in VS, in NMake section there will be build command lines, add -rocket option to rebuild and clean. IT won’t make prevent engine to be build on your game project (if you add -roicket to build it will give you errors), but if you rebuild and clean it won’t delete engine bineries and won’t rebuild whole engine over again. But remeber when you regenerate project files those options will be overwrited again and you need to change them again, also you can remove UE4 project from solution too

Thanks, but we’ve tried removing everything except our project from the sln generated from uproject. Still it builds all the stuff

I know thats why i said add “-rocket” to command lines, i also said to remove UE4 so if you click Rebuild Solution it wont rebuild the engine too

Did as you said and still the same building all of the project. I’m not so convenient with coding, but i guess it can have something with the huge “External dependencies” section that’s left in sln created by a custom built editor

UPD: it still builds the entire engine and -rocket gives an error