Migration From UE4 to Unity

I have used Unity 3d for a year and I was happy with that. However, I have wanted to give a chance to UE4 because UE4 have announced that it is opensource and free! Also I knew that UE4 is much better engine in GENERAL. But learning blueprint is a big disaster for me… I understand that blueprint has been designed to provide 3d artist to develop games without touching C++. However knowing that I have to use blueprint to develop games was the biggest disappointment for me as a programmer. I tried to learn blueprint but no way… Simply I cannot do that ****…
It is a big shame to force programmers to use blueprint.

Programmers are not forced to use blueprints. You can do so if you want, but you can also code in C++.

Yeah it is what they say but also they say that you should not develop games without using blueprint… Result is same…

Is your C++ compiler broken? I’m a programmer and coded in C++ and other languages. I like Vim and shell and non gui stuff but I even like blueprints. I compared Unity and UE4 and other engines and finally choosed UE4 (at first) because I like Linux and C++ and hate those C# runtimes as I hate Java runtimes (yes I know there is Mono). However after playing around with UE4 (and moving from my loved Vim to that - to be honest - not that bad as expected MS VS) I moved to blueprints more and more. It’s pretty cleaned up and simple to get some event based programming that way (a bit like the “slots” in QT that are no C++ standard but could be rather usefull as well). I don’t know what you think you can’t do?

…without animating and modeling and texturing and composing and sound creating and advertising and some boss that tells you how lazy you are and lots more stuff that is not pure code? Just choose the right tool for the current job. Creating a natural human animation in pure C++ would be possible but in many cases you would be faster and get a better result to use a 3D editor or motion capturing instead as it would be to use a compising software to create music, …

So wait, you can program, but Blueprints are too hard?

Yeah right.

Agreed. Blueprints do take a little bit of getting used to, I have quite a bit of programming experience, but it took me several days to figure out how to spawn a cube in the world with blueprints, now I know the ins and outs of blueprints fully.

I don’t see anything related to migration from UE4 to Unity in your first post.

No, it is not the same. You’ll need blueprints for a few highly specialized tasks (animation state machine transition rules and ai), and can use C++ for everything else. So, it will be 0.1% blueprints in the end.

You can probably avoid blueprints use even for those tasks - by reinventing the wheel and rolling out your own functionality. That’s a bad idea, of course, but you could do that, if you wanted.

They’re very annoying, especially if you’re fast typer - blueprints feel gimmikcy, clunky, slow and generally waste screen space (when you zoom out text is unreadable).
Anyway, once I figured out how to write animation EventGraph in C++, that was good enough for me, because I can live with minimal blueprint use in animation statemachine and AI will need visual tools anyway. I think the OP could do the same.

i’m really confused by this post? Do you want help migrating from UE4 to Unity? Do you just want to rant?

Annoying sure, but “too hard” is impossible for someone who knows how to code.

If you need to migrate assets though, try out my tool : Unreal to Unity Exporter it can export meshes, LODs, collision shapes, materials, textures, lights.