Migration From UE4 to Unity

I have used Unity 3d for a year and I was happy with that. However, I have wanted to give a chance to UE4 because UE4 have announced that it is opensource and free! Also I knew that UE4 is much better engine in GENERAL. But learning blueprint is a big disaster for me… I understand that blueprint has been designed to provide 3d artist to develop games without touching C++. However knowing that I have to use blueprint to develop games was the biggest disappointment for me as a programmer. I tried to learn blueprint but no way… Simply I cannot do that ****…
It is a big shame to force programmers to use blueprint.

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Have to use Blueprint? No… everything that Blueprints can do C++ can do and more. If you know C++ you never have to use a Blueprint.

Why are you reposting this same topic in another section?
Btw, have fun. If you don’t like UE4 why use it as a hobby? Do what you enjoy to do.