Migrating to UE5 - Broken Animations and Widgets

I would like to know has anyone else faced this when migrating to UE5.
I decided to migrate to UE4.26 recently from UE4.25 and I’ve not encountered any issues or got any errors when migrating my project, once I tried migrating to UE5 when a few days ago, I received no errors just like when migrating to 4.26, however, almost all widgets were “broken” in the sense that everything in the details panel and blueprints was the same and functioned correctly, but the scales of buttons, placements inside of canvas panels, and so on were completely messed up.
I modify most of the animations for my projects within unreal itself, and I realized that all animations which had previous custom modifications, when migrated here were completely broken.

Is there something I’m supposed to do when migrating to stop this from happening or is this a bug that will get resolved on release?


I had the same problem. I don’t know if this is a bug that will be fixed in future releases or if this is the intended behavior, in which case it would require a bit of work to repair the broken widgets.

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Same issue here, lots of rotation adjustments in-engine for blend spaces and such, and all those animations are bonkers after the migration.

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