Migrating ThirdPersonCharacter doesn't work properly

I’m building my project in the First Person Template and I needed to add AI to the game. The obvious option was to migrate the ThirdPersonCharacter from a Third Person Template project.

However, upon migrating, I noticed that the character is completely broken. The whole blueprint and its textures, skeleton and animation are broken apart. It’s like I had to rebuild the entire class again. Its doable but extremely obnoxious as I’m not familiar with setting up a character like that.

What could be causing this? I’ve watched other tutorials and they migrated the ThirdPersonCharacter into their game just fine, what could be causing mine to ‘break’ after being migrated?

Could the file location of the project cause such an issue? Or is it a different thing altogether ?

You can just add the character:


I’ve had problems migrating them. You have to do it in several parts, depending on how many modifications you’ve made. I can’t recall the details I’m afraid.

I’m assuming you migrated in the content browser, rather than moving folders around in windows…

wow I can’t believe its that simple, what was the issue with just migrating the thirdpersoncharacter then?