Migrating results in unreadable .uasset

I tried to migrate my asset from one project to another but it results in unreadable .uassets. I migrated it to the content and I checked the content. It has .uasset with 1mb - 3 mb kb file size so I’m sure it’s not one of those re-direct file.


Have you probably migrated it from a new version into an old one? :slight_smile:

I’ve been updating my unreal so the two projects might have been in different version. Is there a solution to this? :slight_smile:

You will have to export your stuff as fbx/obj/png/wav files + import them, because you are not abel to open uassets from a newer version in an older one.

thanks, umm is there a faster way to do it? I kinda work hard on all the materials it took me hours probably to setup all of them again.

basically migrate doesn’t work for newer version in older one? Is there other way to do this? I think it will save me plenty hours if I can get the migrate to work.

Can I update the porject? Will that work?

Edit: I right click my older project and set it to the same version of the other project, it work now.

Thanks for the help. I would have cry If I need to import everything one by one

Yep, when you update your project to the same or newer version it should work :slight_smile: