Migrating Projects to Project - How?

Hi, I am very new and i got a question.

I see some people here are putting free content for us, and that’s great what they are doing for everyone!
I do know how to migrate assets, and everything is fine with them…but how does one migrate a project? For example that one DialogueSystem that is for free use. When I migrate it I get compile errors “compile error from Dialog Manager (BP_MasterNPC) and BP_Dialogue Manager…something about “could not find variable in ThirdPerson CH”…” …something like that.
Same thing with APTemplate project…I just don’t know how to use it haha

How do you use projects other person made? I am so confused

And please go easy on me, I have just started this with 0 programming knowledge before it… :slight_smile:

Hi there, you can migrate assets to a different project using the migrate tool in unreal engine. There’s some documentation about the topic and provides step-by-step instructions so you can easily follow along:

I hope that helps! :cool:

Edit: Oops, apparently I read your questions wrong. haha sorry about that. I don’t think I can give a definitive answer to your question. I don’t have a lot of experience trying to open projects of others.

The only similar experience I have with that is using the content examples and free example projects in the Marketplace. Usually after you download the free example projects on the Marketplace it automatically has a “Create Project” button beside it and you can just click on that, but when it comes to using third-party projects that aren’t from the Marketplace then I have zero knowledge.

yeah I have same issue, some guidelines would be great from someone here. Do I like migrate folder from another project to content folder in my project? What then?
Do I have to copy-past all the nodes to event graph of my character and add variables/functions that are in that other project?

Am I on a right track?