Migrating FPS Character

Hi Guys,

Im fairly new to Unreal Engine and have created a small level using a blank template.
At first i was going to leave it as a flythrough level but now ive decided to add a character and let the player run around wherever they want to.

Ive migrated the FPS blueprints from the FPS template into my own level project.
I now have a small problem, im not sure how to link the FPS character/player to “activate” when the user clicks on Play.

Any ideas?


Create a Game Mode Blueprint then go to your Project settings/Maps and Modes(?) and select your new game mode blueprint to be used, change the default pawn to your FPS character class.

Thanks for the reply
It works a little bit… however i cant seem to look around or move the character around.



did you setup controls?

Oh no. I thought by migrating the FPS character from the FPS template would include the controls?

The controls should be located in Config\Default.ini if I’m not mistaken! :slight_smile:

You need to create Move Forward and Move Right Input Actions in your Project

Got it working! Thanks!
Followed the UE4 documentation