Migrating C++ code from one project to another, Do I need to make filters?

I am migrating the C++ content from the vehicle to the shooter game.

I did this by:

  1. I Created a Visual Studio solution
    2, I Manually moved the Vehicle code files in explorer
  2. and now I am in Visual Studio.

When I Right click in solution explorer and then do Add - Existing Item, VS doesn’t recognize folders.
I can make all of the filters. Nice for organization, but there are a lot of folders in the project.

My Question:

Is it necessary to recreate the original structure with filters?
Or will the compiler find everything it needs and make it work without them?

when i move c++ files i just right click the uproject and generate a new solution and it seems to find them

have u tried that?

First I tried Moving everything and generating a solution. Visual Studio wouldn’t let me.
Then I deleted the files and folders from Vehicle Game source code and visual studio allowed me.

When you “right click the uproject and generate a new solution” is this when a solution already exists or for a project without a solution?