Migrating assets with parent class

Currently any migration involving a c++ class and Blueprints that derive from c++ classes is workaround on workaround.
What Unreal engine needs is feature that would allow to migrate assets along with c++ classes and their links.

Desired behavior looks like this:
I have blueprint assets that are derived from c++ classes.
When I want to migrate them to another project, then I also specify base classes to the migration selection.
After migration is complete and target project is opened, the blueprint classes have correct c++ classes set as parent classes, and nothing is broken.

Also a possibility of reparenting parentless blueprint class should be added. Since now there is no valid fix for that situation, just a tedious workarounds.

@TripleB Did you try using class redirects for that? This would possibly solve your issue. Redirect class from project A to B, this could work even if you’d already renamed classes in project B :slight_smile:…cts/index.html

Solving it automagically and 100% table could be simply impossible or very time-consuming for engineer - I doubt an editor of project A can magically change things in the source code of the project B. Even if I’m wrong, coding this might be pointless if core redirectors simply work in this case.

That would be great in any case. Although if given blueprint already tried to load and lost its generated class, data might be already lost. Seems very tricky, but perhaps doable? :slight_smile:
Still, request most probably got ignored since it’s easy and quick to fix with core redirects…