Migrating and or Moving and Copying items to and from folders.

So I was cleaning up my project last night and making it more organized. Moving stuff to diff folders etc. And moved the maps from starter content to a base folder I had named maps, and the maps from 3rd person template. It worked at first but when I shut down and restarded it seemed to have permanently deleted said moved maps (and some materials 3d models that I don’t feel like going into detail to mention allong with about 10 indepth blueprints).
Why is the moving folders and migrating in general so sketchy?
It’s ok that I lost this the main thing I lost was a showcase level. :’(
But rebuilding I will be able to succeed where I failed and workout the kinks that I came upon. So it doesn’t bother me to a extreme extent.

P.S. This was done with 4.15 no source control.

So this has had 50 views it’s just a weird glitch/bug? Maybe add support to re-reference an asset that has been moved and it do the re-referencing at the time it is moved?

Did you move them inside of the engine or in explorer?

Inside of the engine, I think explorer then reloading would of worked cleanly and better.

Yes, it’s done like that. Seach for “redirectors” term on Unreal sites.
There are created automatically and I have habits of using “Fix redirectors” every time I perform a cleanup.

The problem could appear if you moved a map file like any other file. In game engines is usually better to open map and use “Save as” to move map to new location. Fix references to your map in your project (if needed) and remove old file.
And yes, working without source control on game/code project is risky. Too many files, dependencies, references :wink:

Never move files in Explorer. It doesn’t care about references. It doesn’t care about fact that code class of blueprint is named after file name. It doesn’t care about anything :wink:

Although still I don’t know why your files got messed up.

Oh and it was the default maps inside of the source engine.
Or the ones added bye the default assets.
Or default templates my bad.