Migrating a blueprint file

hi I am new to unreal engine , though I have gone through the 3rd person tutorial and made the game. so anyway I made another level from blank and put some buildings and roads in it, and imported the mixamo anim starter pack in. so I figured the mouse and keyboard controls would go with it, but apparently not since the character or camera will not move.
so I took the 3rd person blueprints and mannequin folders from the premade 3rd person example level and migrated them over to my project , but character will still not move. is this even possible ? or is there maybe some other folders I can migrate over and make it work? originally have the mixamo starter pack in the 3rd person example level and in there when I choose “mixamo” game and one of the characters in world setting and click play, the character just drops in and moves. thanks for any help.

you probably need to setup the key bindings in project settings