Migrating 1st person Template project to VR template.


I have a client who wants an Archivz scene in VR. The problem is I don’t have VR Headset or capabilities on my PC. I can set up the entire scene in a First Person Template in Ue4 then migrate the entire project to VR Template. I can then send the client the project in VR Template inside Ue4, which he must test in Ue4 and package himself to a VR project?
Is this the best workflow?

Any assistance would be much appreciated, thanks.

Did this exact thing last week, though in a fairly convoluted manner.

I imported the Virtual Reality template through the content browser in an existing first person scene. Dragged the VRPawn into the scene, then made sure it had Player0 as the default character.

I also exported the key bindings from another VR project out, then imported them into the new scene, as well as copying the DefaultInput from the config folder of a vr project into the config folder of the new project.

All worked perfectly once I changed a few settings in the post process volume to suit VR

Thanks for the feedback. Because this is a new scene, I was thinking about starting in the VR Template, build everything in there, then importing the 1st player character to test, then shipping it in VR. Would this be best worflow, I don’t need to build in 1st Person template then migrate to VR Template or bring VR Pawn into 1st person template, just do everything in VR Template with 1st person character to test myself? What settings did you need to change in Post Process volume for VR? Are there any other tweaks I will need to make before shipping? Thanks again for the assistance.