Migrated Asset Folder WIll Not Show in New Project

I am trying to relocate some assets using the migrate tool from an UE Marketplace City Park project to another one I am in the midst of building. The migrations say they are successful with no errors and takes all dependencies into my project content folder as it should. I can see the folder in my file explorer but I cannot see the migrated folder in my content browser of my project at all. It is like it is hidden or something. Any tips on how to remedy this? I also tried copying the folder from Content folder to Content folder and that does not work as well.

Funny thing, I tried this on another Project I created as a test project with almost no content and the migration totally works as it should. There is something about my main project that is not allowing this to work. I have successfully migrated other assets from other projects into the project.

We continue to not be able to migrate and assets over to this particular project we are working on. Are there any thoughts on possible work arounds? I was thinking we could somehow create an asset pack from a new project and then somehow download this asset pack to our problem project. We have no issues with downloading assets from marketplace which is why I was thinking this may be a possibility.

In unity, you can create asset packages that you can import into another unity project. We are desperately needing a solution.

Hey, we had a problem similar to this in the past and found it happened when migrating assets between two projects that were using a different version of UE4. When we updated the projects to be on the same UE4 version worked fineā€¦