Migrated Asset do not show in the engine

Hello, I have a problem with migrating my project.

When I do it, the migrating assets do not show in the new projects. The files are there, I can go to the content folder, all the files are physically there, so they migrated, but when I open the project I only can see empty folders.

Migrating to an earlier engine version doesn’t work. Is that it?

In the main unreal window in content browser, right click on content folder and select fix up redirectors.
Just taking a shot… it may or may not work.
You can also try using the reference viewer on some assets to see if the references exist at all.

Sadly it did not fix it for me. But thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Migrating to the newer version or the same version.

When I upgrade the project from 4.27.1 to 5 it also happened.

Textures and materials are there but the blueprints are not. It is like the files that I created or edited are invisible for the engine.

Ok, weird.

Hi, just wondering if you found a fix because I’m having similar issues

I just migrated some PCG files from one 5.3 project to another. I can see the files in my Windows Explorer directory, but not in the UE5 editor. Very strange.

False Alarm: I had not enabled the PCG plugins.

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Thanks for the edit! Glad it was a false alarm! LOL

I am having this issue and no clue why. Redirecotrs all fixed up, proper migration as done 1000s of time. Same engine version. Yet only folders and no actual content. However in Windows Explore it looks as thou it is an identical project.

I have had several reach out to me on this same issue over the past few weeks so I am wondering, why now? & what has changed? I find this to be very curious as well as frustrating for new and old users.

Yet to get to the bottom of this, if/when I do, will update here.

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