migrate ue4 project from visual studio 2013 to xcode

I’ve been developing on Windows using VS2013.

Wanted to deploy to an ipad.

I copied my project folder over to my Mac.

Wondering how it’ll open up in xcode.

I can see my project in the project loader page but can’t load it, says I need to recompile etc… can’t find any xcode project file in the project directory either.

Not sure how to solve this issue.

Would appreciate any info on this workflow.


edit: terribly sorry is this is not the right section… was using mostly C++ so I posted this here for workflow issues.
Developing on a mac 2013 retina with 16 GB is not really much fun with the 650M GPU. So I thought I’d dev on windows and use the mac to deploy to IOS devices. Stumped on this!

I guess you need to generate xcopy file, i dont if mac has it but if you context menu the uproject there should be project file generatio

Wow… that’s a start.

Thank you so much!