Migrate Tool does not update paths in blueprints correctly

When migrating blueprints from one project to another, the paths in the blueprints are not corrected, which makes the Editor crash when trying to right click or open the blueprint.

The attachedlink text example shows blueprints migrated from MyProject5 to MyProject6, errors such as [2014.04.06-22.03.33:672][215]LoadErrors:Error: Error /Game/HUD/Blueprints/BP_HUD : Can’t find file for asset. /Script/MyProject5

Look at this answer here. It will fix the missing asset problem by redirecting the old to the new source.

So if we wish to reuse blueprints between projects, we always need to keep a log of all redirects? I suggest that the references be changed by the migration tool, since this can get quite messy after a few generations of projects

You sir are correct. This is only a temporary fix. I will personally have to look over the code and see If I can’t post a fix for the new 4.1 update myself. In the meantime, have you tried using this fix. Then moving the content to a new folder so Unreal is forced to update the assets location? Its an extra step but should remove the need for the redirect after that.


Next time I have to move blueprints I will give it a shot, in the meantime I had reproduced the blueprints by hand or cutting and pasting between projects.

I will accept this answer