Migrate to 5.2 Error

Hi, I migrated my project from 5.1 to 5.2.1 - when I try and open my level, which worked on 5.1 I get this error (when run via VS)

Not sure what this means or how I go about fixing this?


also the logfile -
BOMBARDXR_52.log (168.6 KB)

Hey there @Fnordcorps! Is there any way to see the rest of the call stack from that exception from VS? It seems something is trying to use a function from the library but passing in a 0 for something that divides immediately. It’s possible some animation system’s changes are now returning 0 somewhere it shouldn’t thus pointing to the dll.

Hi @SupportiveEntity - here is the callstack

From what I could dig up this often points to a specific SKM that failed to make the upgrade correctly. Does the project open at all? If not, this could end in having to make a backup and checking through each SKM individually.

Thanks for your reply. Project opens, it is only when I try to load a level it crashes - how would I actually go about checking the skm’s?

Have Resolved this - for anyone else experiencing this problem this was due to the difference between how animations assets are parsed between 5.1 projects and less to 5.2 projects.

I had to go back and fix the animation assets prior to migrating. I did this using a tool included as part of the VRE expansion plugin by Mordentral (which is used in my project)

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