Migrate process doesn't take source files

Another of those bug or feature reports. Currently and I think it was the case of all previous versions, migrate process doesn’t take source files with it (fbx, png). It would be great if there could be some checkbox in the migrate tool to turn on that behaviour.

Hi GiM s.r.o.,

I’ll be happy to enter a feature request but I don’t quite understand what you’re requesting. For instance, if you import a skeletal mesh into one project and migrate that to another, you can still export the fbx from the project it was migrated to. The same goes with practically all assets, as far as I’m aware.

Also when you import an fbx into a project, a copy of the original does not generate in the project folder unless that is where you chose to save it out of your native application. For example, I typically work in a folder that has all the original files (for backup) and simply import them into the UE4 project. This does not result in a copy of the original being kept in the Unreal Project folder, as mentioned above, and thus will not result in the original being copied to a different project when migrating.

With this understanding, let me know if you still feel there’s a valid reason to add this feature.


Hi ,

I guess my bug report or why I have considered it a bug is a bit different workflow with the engine and the asset pipeline.

We are usually exporting right into the UE project folder structure (fbx, png…) and we are using the autoimport/autoreimport feature. With that in mind, some (maybe all) features in content browser, for example rename operation would rename the fbx/png source files too, delete dialogue when deleting assets has a checkbox “to delete corresponding sourcefiles” too.

So when you are used to that, then it might feel like the migrate function should also take care of the source files. I think it really would be beneficial for this type of workflow/asset pipeline if the migrate dialogue would have a checkbox “migrate corresponding source files”.

Thanks for considering this and sorry if shouldn’t have been posted as bug.

Hi GiMs s.r.o.

I have entered the Feature Request UE-31405 to migrate corresponding source files along with the converted uassets and included your explanation of why this is beneficial. If this feature is adopted into the engine, we will notify you with an update to this post.

Thanks for the feedback,