Migrate objects to robo recall

Some contents (of another project) who I have migrate to Robo Recall are missing in my content browser :frowning:
I have migrate a content files of another project to Roborecallmodkit’s content folder but I don’t undestand why some levels, materials or objects are missing of content browser ?

Similar issue here. I’ve migrated a blueprint from a 4.17 project and it doesn’t show up in the Robo Recall content browser. I assumed it was because 4.17 wasn’t supported but after reading your post maybe it’s worse than that? :frowning:

Hi, if you use the window explorer to access the folder where the objects are migrated you will see that they are in the folder but invisible in the content browser.
It just happens because of some incompatibility between the versions you are using.
this was my conclusion when I was transferring objects to or from different versions.
i remember that for some type of object by using **import **
I was able to make the object visible in the content browser.

Hmm I’m pretty sure import doesn’t work for blueprints though.

Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

That wouldn’t be so bad if I could at least copy/paste nodes from one blueprint to the other, but it crashes the Robo recall editor whenever I try…