Migrate / move epic games launcher between drives


Installed Epic Games Launcher to under speced SSD drive.

My Epic Games folder is already 100GB with all engines, UT and vault downloaded, how can I move this to another drive?

I copied the folder “Epic Games” from old location to new location and reinstalled Epic Games Launcher to this new location.

When I try to install something within Epic Games Launcher, it states that the folder needs to be empty.

I do not want to have to download everything again.


Hi richardboegli,

Here are some posts where other users have moved the engine and content. See if any of their suggestions work for you.



I had tried most of these before posting without much luck, forgot to include them in my post. Downloading UT Editor again now… 20.5GB…woohoo…

We don’t have an official way to move content, the Launcher/editor was not design in this manor.

Have you decided to just redownload the content again?

We don’t have an official way to move content, the Launcher/editor was not design in this manor.
Not currently possible. Reinstall and redownload is required.

What you need to do simply is rename the folder the games are in Like Game → Game2 start the install on all the games to a new folder called Game then pause install or if not enough space it will pause anyway then delete Game and rename Game2 back to Game.

When you resume install it will verify the files. I do it often I am up to 5TB of installed games need to upgrade again soon.

Well all you need to do to implement it is take away the restriction of “Needing a empty folder” then it would just verify existing files instead as it already does

You can download all the games to a flashdrive but the launcher only works on a local hard disk but… yeah

Yes, this worked for me!

Move (dont copy) “epic launcher” folder from Program Files to desired location and then use windows junction point method,
Example: mklink -j C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games D:\Epic Games
it will create a fake Epic Games folder in program files that is linket both ways to Epic Games on D drive

Hey guys, not to necro, but I found a solution. If you move the install app to your second hard drive the setup wizard gives you the option to change the location of the app. At least that’s what worked for me, hopefully it works for you too (aka, the girl reading this.)

I’ve found you copy the game files then in the hidden folder “Program Data” or “C:\ProgramData\Epic\EpicGamesLauncher\Data\Manifests” copy the Manifests folder and the Games files to the new computer and it worked for me.

forgot to say, you will have to exit epic launcher to do it right.
So 1) exit epic

  1. copy the game files from another pc to the new pc in the “C:\Program Files\Epic Games” folder

  2. copy the Manifests folder from the same pc to the new pc to “C:\ProgramData\Epic\EpicGamesLauncher\Data\Manifests”

  3. restart epic and you should see the games ready to play now. Worked for me and The walking dead final season.