Migrate from Blue guy (4.7) to Silver Guy (4.8)?

Hi all,

I recently updated to 4.8, and I can’t find the silver guy anywhere, my content (just a simple ThirdPerson tutorial based project) is still referencing the blue mannequin. Is there a way to import the latest mannequin?

I believe you have to grab the animation starter pack from the marketplace (under characters and animation) and add it to a 4.8 project; adding it to an older version of the engine appears to get you the blue mannequin.

New Projects in 4.8 will start with the Silver Guy, even though the preview shows the Blue Guy (This is a known issue and is being worked on.) If this is not the case for you, let us know. Also, you can import just the Silver Guy (for free) by going to Launcher/Marketplace/UE4 Mannequin: Mobile.

ps. If you Migrate your assets from 4.7, they will migrate the Blue Guy from the original project. Hence, you should be able to open a new third person project (This should start with the Silver Guy) then migrate your project into the new “Silver Guy” project. Since the Blue Guy and Silver Guy share the same skeleton, you will simply need to assign the Silver Guy’s skeletal mesh (aka SK_Mannequin) to your Blue Guy’s Character Blueprint.