Migrate Blueprint failed.

Hey everyone,

I tried to migrate some blueprints from one project to another. But there is a Problem with
the variables which are from custom types.

Here is an example:

I created blueprint A and blueprint B. Now I declared a variable in blueprint B which is type of
blueprint A. (So I can get public variables from bp A in bp B) Now I migrate both blueprints into
another project aaand all variables are type of object. Is there a way to fix it? If I press on
export, he throws an error when I try to import it. (Without Errorcode…)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Could you happen to migrate something one template project into another?
some of the template project have specific native code asset, so if you migrate into a project that does not have the C++ compiled asset it would fail.
That’s my guess, I haven’t done that myself yet.

I’m migrating from a normal “First Person” Template to another “First Person” Template.

How are you migrating it? did you get a dialog that says this is not a game folder? Did you save it in the contents folder of you project. You should have got a message that said migrating was successful.

Yea, there is a message that says migrating was successful. But there is still the problem, that all Variables are type from Object, after migrating them.