Migrate Blueprint class based on C++ class

Hi folks,

I am trying to migrate some blueprint classes I have based on some custom C++ classes I’ve made but it is just not working out. I tried creating the C++ project first on my destination project and migrate the blueprint class after that but it seems the base class path is hardcoded in the blueprint and so because the new project does not have the same name it can’t find the base class and fails to load.

I also can’t reparent the blueprint class because I can’t load it.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish migrating these C++ based blueprints to my new project? In the image below is the error, TwinStickShooter is the name of the old project, this loading error is in my new project.



I think you can use CoreRedirects to help


Hi @OptimisticMonkey ! Thanks for the help. That worked like a treat!