Midnight Ride

**Midnight Ride - YouTube

Midnight Ride** is a short cinematic I had great fun making in Unreal Engine for the X-TAON competition run by Allegorithmic.

I used Mr Mannequin (does he have a name? :slight_smile: let’s call him Bob) to bring story and life to my entry.
Everything shot and edited in Sequencer, rendered at 4K and audio was added in Premiere.

Texturing was done in Substance Painter using live link
X-TAON model provided by Allegorithimc, I supplied the rest.

You can see more on my ArtStation
Download some 4K wallpapers on Imgur
Free Contour Lines node for Substance Designer and Painter that I made while working on Midnight Ride. Get it on Substance Share or my Gumroad

Some stills from Midnight Ride

nice work, looks great!

:eek: deadly! :cool:


Incredible work! I’d love to see a breakdown of the material in engine. Great job. =)

Thanks all for the comments!

I shared an article on 80 level on my workflow

The material very simple, just a Fresnel falloff on the emissive so it doesn’t get too noisey