Midnight Murder - Alpha state and more!


First off thank you for stopping on this thread to read up on my game! And yes, I know everyone is making horror games on UE right now due to its amazing shaders and lighting, but that is just the more reason to join them! Anyways…I am working currently on a small scale item hunt horror game set in an old Victorian style house where you play as a paranormal investigator who came to the house with his friends to see if the claims of the house being haunted were true. After setting up the house with cameras and recorders you plan to meet back with your friends at the front of the house at 9 pm to start the investigation…However, when 9 o clock comes you are the only one to show up…Now you must go through the house looking for signs of your friends and escape the house before what lurks inside the house gets you too!

So that is the basic backstory of the game and below are some of the screenshots from the game which is currently in alpha state and is getting ready to make its way to steam greenlight soon! Please let me know if you have any comments/suggestions/feedback for the game or if you would like to try the alpha and let me know what you think! Also you can watch the development on twitch where I am building the whole game live: Twitch

Also thanks Alexander for stopping by the other day on twitch!

You can view all 23 of the screenshots on imgur here: http://imgur./gallery/5Bjvk







Fantastic atmospheres! Seriously, well done.

The lighting has just enough “fogginess” that it creates an unsettling atmosphere.

Looking forward to more :smiley:

Thanks! The game is coming along very nicely (and quickly I might add being only 20 days into development) and I am looking to have the game up on greenlight and more by the end of February…so that being said…more is coming…and soon!

Hello everybody,

Quick update on the game! Its coming along very nicely and getting closer and closer to being ready for steam greenlight…while I don’t have new screenshots to post (been super busy as you can imagine) I do have a playable alpha for the game if anyone is interested in trying the game in its current state! If you would like to provide feedback (there is already a small list of things I have from current testers) you can do so here on the forums or live on my chat on twitch (www.twitch.tv/warka101). Anyways, thanks for checking out the game either way! Also…READ THE README FILE its very short and you might be confused ingame if you dont…just a fair warning :smiley:

Download Link: https://goo.gl/PqUSJQ
Readme link here: https://goo.gl/JPeOtu

Hey Warka! This is killshotkilljoy from the stream, If you check your discord I went through a bunch of stuff from my playthrough of the game and all of my personal bug findings and such! Hopefully it helps :smiley:

Awesome! thanks again for the help and I will check that stuff out when i get off work today…guess i should setup a discord group for this huh? so much stuff to do, so little time lol Thanks again!