Hello and good day! It is my great honor and pleasure to introduce you all to, Midjungard.

Midjungard is a 3v3 team based deathmatch hack and slash with some Battle Royale elements. Our video game is set in a pre-Viking world, with a Tolkienesque feel. Our world is set in the Norse universe.

Currently, all players can choose from 3 characters, and engage in intense PVP combat set in huge arenas, and zones!

Our game has fantasy, and magical elements. All players need to test their mettle, their skill, and their magical abilities.

6 Players are split into two teams, and spawn into an ancient land of both myth, and wonderment.

It is up to you to hunt for potions of healing, and mana. You must find both weapon, and skill upgrades. Fight marauding wolves who come for any and all takers. Turn back to back with your opponent, or take all of the glory for yourself and your team!

Each match is a 15 minute battle to the top! The first team to 10 kills is declared the winner.

Please check out our website: https://midjungard.com/ This is one of the primary ways to acquire a Steam Key for Midjungard.


Greetings, @SlipperyOpossum !

Thank you so much for sharing Midjungard with us! What a fantastic addition to the world of PvP battles! We are equally honored that you built your game using UE! :muscle:t4: (insert Midjungard sword in fist]

I’m interested in your inspiration - your backstory for the game. You mentioned that your fascinating pre-Viking world has a Tolkienesque feel to it. Was Tolkien the inspiration for the name “Midjungard”? Please enlighten us with the imagination behind the game!